Strategic location, robust labor, & Abundant land

Development Authority

Leading through collaboration in a naturally productive region.

With its rich soil and scenic landscape nestled between the Savannah and Ogeechee Rivers, Screven County has always been a naturally productive environment, first as home to the Yuchi tribe, and then in the mid-1700s to immigrant farmers from Germany and other American colonies. During the Revolutionary War, the pivotal Battle of Brier Creek was fought here (the breastworks are still preserved), and when the county was formed in 1793 it was named in honor of a fallen Revolutionary hero, General James Screven.

In the following years, except for a few revisions to county borders and Sylvania designated the county seat in 1847, life flourished unchanged in this picturesque agricultural setting. Bumper crops of cotton, corn, soybeans, pecans and peanuts were raised, and so were happy, healthy families. Then, when 20th century brought highways and higher education opportunities, Screven residents made intelligent use of them. When manufacturing arrived in the 1960s, Screven rolled out a welcome with a visitor’s center (now the nation’s oldest continually-operating center) and two county development authorities.

And just as neighboring farms had always helped each other, Screven leaders recognized that industry required that same spirit of cooperation as well as the right tools, and so became a founder of the Middle Coastal Unified Development Authority / Greater Savannah Regional Alliance, subsequently joining the World Trade Center Savannah.

Today Screven County is the Georgia regional leader ready with the tools and spirit to effectively collaborate with you and for you, insuring your success.



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