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Animal Control

Animal Shelter

915 Rocky Ford Rd.
P.O. Box 159
Sylvania, GA 30467




For appointments please call
(912) 978-1491


Report Bites

Screven County Health Department
(912) 564-2182

Screven County Animal Control
(912) 978-1491

Report Animal Abuse

Screven County Sheriff's Department
(912) 564-2013

Adoptions Policy

Adoption Price:  $10.00

All dogs and cats must be sterilized with 30 days of reaching sexual maturity (180 days/6 months old).

Dogs and cats three months of age and older adopted must be taken to veterinarian for rabies vaccination.

Dogs and cats adopted at the shelter may not have had prior veterinarian care so it is highly recommended to have them checked by a veterinarian before introducing them to other pets.

Sick Animal Policy

The animals at this shelter have not been examined by a veterinarian and there is a possibility that they have an illness or have been exposed to an illness that has not been detected before adoption or owner reclaim. You, as the Adopter or owner of such an animal have the right to return the animal within 10 days with a statement from a veterinarian stating that the animal is sick. Upon receipt of statement, you may exchange the animal for another animal of your choice. The shelter is not responsible for and will not pay any medical cost to the adopter (no exceptions). We cannot guarantee the health or temperament of the animal(s) and Screven County Animal Control is therefore not responsible for any liability from actions or health of the adopted or reclaimed pets.

Missing Pets

Use the e-mail below to contact Animal Control about missing animals. Please include a photo, your contact information, and any other information that can be used to locate your animal such as date missing and location missing from.

Owners of animals picked up by animal control are required to pay a fee of $10.00 per day while the animal is at the shelter.  

If an animal impounded carries vaccination/identification tags, a reasonable effort to locate its owner shall be made.

Animal Bites

An animal, whether vaccinated against rabies or not, having bitten a human or other pet animal, shall be quarantined for a period of ten days, at the owner's property or in a place and manner approved by the animal control officer. 

The owner of animals quarantined at the Screven County Shelter are required to pay a $10.00 per day boarding fee.

Every owner of an animal three months of age or older that requires rabies vaccine shall cause such animal to be vaccinated against rabies. No person shall vaccinate any animal against rabies who is not a licensed veterinarian. The first vaccination using an attenuated vaccine, or kill vaccine, shall be administered and is good for 12 months only. Thereafter, vaccination shall be required at least every three years when a live attenuated vaccine is used. If the health department's file copy of the certificate of vaccination is unattainable, the owner's or the veterinarian's copy of the same may be substituted.